Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy.

Our Business Philosophy

We want you to enjoy our large selection of diecast products and collectibles. We are a retail business that caters to the walk-in customer.  We offer a wide selection of merchandise at a fair price, and treat people how we would like to be treated.  Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or yourself, you'll know you're in the right place as soon as you walk in our store.

Victor & Brenda,

Our Company

We started our retail store front in 1993, in Old Town Roseville.  After 2 1/2 years, we knew we needed to expand, both a bigger store and storage for our ever- broadening inventory. The diecast toy business was growing and we needed to follow the trend. 

Today, our large, well-stocked store and spacious warehouse, together with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, have made us the largest diecast collectible dealer in Northern California.